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Bad weather? Bus delayed? 

Don't want to go out?

Don't worry!

We got this!

3-Step Tax Return will make your life much easier.

Have you ever felt frustrated when doing your tax return? 

Are you tired of waiting all day to get your tax filed? 

No worries. Try our online tax return service today. Taxonic can help you file your tax return at home within 3 steps.

Your First Step

We help you choose the right service and fill out the Client Information Form.

We will send you a checklist based on your case and the Authorization Form.

Your Second Step

Prepare your documents, sign the Authorization Form, then send them back to us.

We will finalize you tax return and then send you:

  1. your tax return summary that tells how much you can get back or have to pay.

  2. invoice that clearly shows how you are charged

Your Last Step

Review the summary and invoice, then make a payment.