Corporation Services

Business Registration (Federal or Provincial)

* Including: CRA accounts registration, WSIB account registration, initial information return. 


Master Business Licence 

CRA Account Registration

​Initial Information Return

Active Business Dissolution

Inactive Business Dissolution

New Corporation Client Consultation

​Bookkeeping Account Set-up (one-time)

Monthly ​Bookkeeping

​Bi-weekly or Monthly Payroll

REO Filing

Corporation Tax Return (Excluding Québec)

Québec Corporation Tax Return

*Bookkeeping Client T2 ​Including: financial statement.

​Inactive Corporation Tax Return

T4/T4A Filing

T5 Filing

​Financial Statement

Auditing Assistance

$200 + Government Charge

$100 + Government Charge

$50 /account

$50 /return

$300 + Government Charge

$150 + Government Charge

Free for the first 30 minutes

$350 /business

​Starting from $175 /month

​Starting from $25 /month + $2.5 /stub

$10 /slip

$400-$1200 /return

$500-$1300 /return

$200 /return

$5 /slip

$25 /slip

$300 /year end

$50 /30 minutes

* Rates may vary depending on the complexity of each case.

* All corporation returns come with life-time warranty.

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