* Rates may vary depending on the complexity of each case.

* All personal returns come with life-time warranty.

Personal Tax Return

Student Special (excluding Québec) 

*Including:T2202, T4, T5, Rent Receipt, student loan, scholarship.

Québec Student Special

*Including:T2202, T4, T5, Rent Receipt, RL31, student loan, scholarship, RL1, RL8, RL31.

​New Personal Client Consultation

Canadian Basic Return (excluding Québec)

Québec​ Basic Return

*Including one of each: CPP, OAS, T4.

​Additional Slip or Item



​Medical and Donation Receipts

​First Time Home Buyer Claim

Foreign Income

​Foreign Property

​Moving Expense

​Employment Expense

​Rental Income

​Property Disposal

​Farming  and Fishing Activity

​Self-employed Return

GST/HST Filing

Previous Return Adjustment

​Non-resident Basic Return

​ITN/TTN Application

NR4/NR6 Filing

$40 /year

$55 /year

​Free for the first 15 minutes

$35 /year

$50 /year

$5 /each

$5 /dependent (one-time charge)

$5 /item

$2 /receipt

$20 /claim

$20 /source

$20 /property

$60 /moving

$75 /job

$75 /property

$50 /property

$85 /activity

Basic Rate + $75 /business

$25 /account

$20 /item or line

$55 /year

$25 /each

$20 /each

Auditing Assistance

​Paper Filing

$50 /30 minutes

$10 /return

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